Delivery Straight to your kitchen

We are happy to offer our mushrooms to the most discerning of chefs in WNY. We service a number of restaurants in the area bringing them all of their fungal delights! Please reach out to us here! We would love to set you up with regular or one time deliveries. Contact us for specifics, but until then, read on to find out what other chefs in the area think of us:

Nate washburn, former head chef, buffalo proper

“We at Buffalo Proper are very satisfied with our standing order of oyster mushrooms, as well as any specials grown by Peter & Co. at Rusty Bucket. Competitive pricing, consistently superior quality, and reliable delivery. Better product and service will be difficult to come by.”

Joseph Fenush, chef de cuisine, toutant

“Always a pristine quality and appearance, delivered reliably no matter the circumstances, by two of the most excitedly passionate guys in the game, for anyone making the choice to become a customer, a smart choice it would be.”