Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson is a local-centric, food-centric, driven individual, with advanced technical knowledge of machinery, fabrication, and control systems. He is equally comfortable building custom machinery for growing mushrooms, crafting a piece of reproduction period furniture, or picking vegetables on the farm. His motivation for starting this business is to fully implement his skillset while taking a larger, more positive role in the local food cycle.


After getting a degree in Environmental Biology, Van Scholten, took his passion to the land and worked on an organic CSA for 3 years before pursuing his dream to run his own mushroom farm. With a focus on science communication and environmental advocacy, mushrooms provide an outlet to reach out to the eager chefs and customers curious to expand their menus and taste buds. Rusty Bucket Mushrooms is the culmination of his joint efforts with Peter in developing the strategies to provide these underappreciated fungal allies to the population at large.


our Story

Rusty Bucket Mushrooms, LLC was founded by Peter Johnson and Van Scholten, a team impassioned by food, the environment, and the natural world. We have dedicated ourselves to farming gourmet crops that are most similar to species found in the wild, mushrooms. The farm is located in Alden, New York, where we grow gourmet mushrooms outdoors in shaded greenhouses and a converted horse barn. Our mushrooms are sold at select WNY farm markets, through host CSA programs, and to local chefs.

Our mission is to sustainably fuel the body, mind, and community by reclaiming agricultural waste and transforming it into healthy food. We aim to employ well and work cooperatively with other farms and businesses to benefit the world around us for generations to come. Furthermore, we strive to produce unique, gourmet mushrooms that are otherwise largely unavailable, and to spread our love of this delicious and healthy crop.