King Oyster

The ultimate meat substitute! Kings have a thick, meaty stem that people crave, a chef's favorite. This mushroom can be filleted, marinated, and grilled to sear up an excellent mushroom steak. These mushrooms come around in spring and fall.


Lion's Mane

Do you like seafood but hate dragnets? Do you like regenerating brain cells? Do you like fascinating, alien-looking food? This is one of the best mushrooms for you, and our personal favorite. It takes on a fantastic flavor, has the texture and aroma of the finest crab meat, heals your brain and looks cool to boot. These mushrooms fruit in late spring/early summer and late summer/early fall.

chestnut mushroom.jpg


Chestnut mushrooms are the mushroom everyone wants, they just don't know it yet. Nutty with firm texture, they are somewhere between the chestnut flavor they are named for, the most savory roast you've ever had, and the perfect archetypal mushroom texture. These mushrooms fruit in late spring/early summer and late summer/early fall.



Everyone knows them. Trouble is they don't know them farm fresh! If you haven't had fresh shiitake you haven't experienced their true depth of flavor, the tenderness of their caps, and that inexplicable umami flavor they so well represent. They are a spring and fall variety.


Blue Oysters

Your go-to gourmet! These mushrooms are a great all-around improvement on your standard mushroom. Offering great texture and mild flavor, Blue Oysters grow well through most of the season.


Yellow Oyster

A delicate oyster variety, these mushrooms have a beautiful bouquet-like flush. Ranging from golden to vibrant yellow, they are a stunning and tasty mushroom. Their color fades in high heat, but are beautiful pickled and in salads. They fruit late spring to early summer and late summer to early fall.


Pink Oyster

Similar to Yellow Oysters, the Pink Oyster is brightly colored, but of course a deep pink. They are not quite as delicate in texture but steal the show just the same. Their color also fades in high heat, so as a garnish they should be used in salads or pickles, or just cook lightly for a tasty, visual treat! These mushrooms LOVE the heat, and fruit all summer.